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About Us

Bill Ringa is a young footwear label, established in 2016 by Timothy Wetsteijn. Proudly based in Rotterdam where concrete meets culture.

In a cold winter a few years ago Timothy realised that there weren’t any decent, high-quality slippers that would meet the needs of modern men. Recognising both a challenge and an opportunity, he teamed up with renowned footwear designer Roderick Pieters and together they started to design – following their vision of creating a unique shoe.

Before the summer of that same year, the first Bill Ringa collection was born, consisting of four unique silhouettes: ‘Fold’, ‘Ease’, ‘High’ and ‘Chelsea’. Two low tops and two high tops. Timothy started a crowdfunding campaign in the midst of the summer and it became clear that everybody loved it.

Maintaining a minimalistic philosophy, we believe sustainability and durability is better for us and the world. We aim to source locally and responsibly, making sure our products’ raw materials have less environmental impact, and that the people that work with us are fairly and ethically treated. To ensure this, we hand-pick all our suppliers, and visit their facilities on a regular basis.

Our footwear is proof that comfort, aesthetics and functionality do in fact reinforce one another.

Bill Ringa. Designed to unwind. Everywhere. Anytime.